The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Week of Feb. 11th | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Week of Feb. 11th

By swazie66

Friday, February 11, 1966  

About 35 this morning. Foggy with a few pebbles of sleet or snow on the ground, but the water isn’t frozen.  Cleared up today and the sun shone.  About the only sunshine we have had all week.  It did’t warm up too much tho;  It got close to 50 I think.  Joe came after chores they worked on the IH Tractor.  Gene went to town after some repairs and he got some calf feed out to Wasson’s.  Afternoon he hauled several loads of gravel.  Joe went home early to take the baby to the Dr.  I washed a few loads but the machine is knocking again.  Practiced up on some knitting.  Alberts called this morning and said the speedometer for the car was back and they could put it in today.  Linda took the car in and they took her to school.  They brought it home tonight.






Saturday, February 12, 1966

About 34 this morning.  Partly cloudy and frosty.  Warmed up and was a beautiful day.  Joe came. Gene hauled gravel most of the day to put in a lot.  It is drying up some.  We had letters and Valentines from Grandad and Aunt Jerry and Alphanieta’s.  The electricity was off about an hour this morning.  Linda took the car to Center this afternoon to a meeting of interested parents and children to form a 4-H.  She gave a talk on parent participation and the Food and Clothing projects.  The other Jr. Leader David Yager wasn’t there .  She got home by 3:30.  John and I took Marilyn to town for her piano lesson in the pick up.  Also shopped at IGA.  Helen and the kids came out after we got home.  Mom came from Laddonia this evening.  They had been to Mexico today.  She got some sheets, pillow slips and blanket for Ethel Aubruchon.





Sunday, February 13, 1966

About 30 this morning and cloudy.  Cloudy all day and seemed to get colder rather than warmer today.  The kids and I went to Sunday School. Gene came to Church in the pick up.  Marilyn went home with Joy Douglas.  The rest of us ate lunch and went to Laddonia and visited Aunt Ruth.  Uncle Wilson’s were there too.  Menifee’s weren’t home when we went but were when we came back.  We got the chair, it looks pretty good but I think Gene and Johnny could do as well with refinishing.  Gene put it at his place at the table.  We stopped at Douglas’s and got Marilyn.  It was snowing a fine snow when we came out at Aunt Ruth’s, they got more visible as the day went on.  Johnny and Linda went to UPY tonight.  They had a flat tire and had it changed at Outlaw’s.  We heard at church that Lorna Gatson has twins, a boy and a girl, Gregory Scott and Heather Elizabeth.  They weighed about 12lbs.  They were born in Columbia.