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Ernestine’s Journals

By swazie66

   Monday, February 15, 1966

About 19 this morning, cloudy with a thin coating of snow on the ground.  Warmed up some.  About 52 was high in Hannibal.  Hardly a trace of snow left.  Partly cloudy to fair today.  Joe came.  They worked around the place at something.  I was pretty pooped all day.  Washed a load or two.  Picked the kids up at school.  Gene went to an MFA advisory board steak supper and meeting tonight at Helen’s and Linda went to the BP
W supper honoring the senior girls.  Valerie Goodman was awarded the career girl award.


 Tuesday, February 15, 1966

About 26 this morning.  Clear most of the day.  Warmed up some, but the wind was pretty chilly.  I took Linda and Johnny to school.  Marilyn rode the us, I worked in the utility room.  It was pretty dirty.  Joe came.  They ground some feed but the hammer mill broke.  Afternoon they took it apart and Gene took it to Montgomery City this afternoon.  Joe went home about 2:45 to take the baby to the Dr.  I met the kids at the blacktop.  It was about 6:30 when Gene finished chores and got in for supper.  The kids all went to the ball game.  Vandalia beat Montgomery City.  Dooley called and asked if we wanted to go to Kansas City to the farm show next week but we decided we had better not.


 Wednesday, February 16, 1966

About 28 this morning. Light cloudiness. The snow they predicted didn’t get here, a cold front blew in from the north after breakfast and the temperature dropped some.  It was windy and pretty cold all day.  High was in the 30’s I think.  Joe came today.  They choked and Gene hauled a few loads of gravel.  They ground feed at Grandad’s this afternoon.  I straightened up some in the living room and ran the sweeper.  Pooped by noon.  Washed a couple loads.  Met the kids at the blacktop.  Burnett picked Johnny up to go to a tractor maintenance project meeting at Round Grove.  They also brought him home.  Gene and Linda went to choir practice.  Gene got the bill for the work done on the car.  $88.00, but it sure runs better.  I talked to Mrs Hatcher, she got me straightened out on my knitting.  Jr called mom and said he had to work all day yesterday and today so Mom went back up to Laddonia.


Thursday, Friday 17, 1966

About 20 here but 12 or so in Hannibal.  Clear.  Warmed up thru the day.  Joe came.  They chored.   Gene came in about 11:30.  We got ready and went to B.G.(Bowling Green), ate lunch at the steak house, renewed the Times and went on to Louisiana.  Gene went to the John Deere dealers and I went to Penney’s.  Bought a piece of material for a house dress.  We drove into the automatic car wash in Louisiana and got the car washed in 2 mins. for 50 cents.  Did a pretty good job. We stopped at the ASC office but there were so many people there, Gene decided to go back later.  We picked the girls up at North school then went on out to high school and got john.  The bus load of band kids went to Mexico to a concert and didn’t get back until after the buses left.  We stopped at the grocery store and got some sausage at Ogden’s.  Gene went over to Hansons and went to a fair board meeting with Bob Hanson.  He got home around 10:30. I’ve been knitting on my sweater again and are to the neck band on the left side and to the button holes on the right side.

Friday, February 18, 1966

About 38 this morning.  Bright sun shining morning.  Fair all day and real nice.  High around 50 probably.  Joe came today.  They worked on some fence this afternoon.  I didn’t get too much done this morning.  Washed the quilt on John’s bed and our sheets and hung them outside.  Went to town about 1 o’clock for a permanent at Alice’s.  She was at the hospital with her little girl and Leota was taking care of the shop.  She was kept busy.  It took my permanent so long it was 4 or after when i got out.  The kids got off the bus in town.  We went out to the IGA for groceries.  Gene, Marilyn and John took the Laymen’s cards to town to mail and stopped to visit with Bailey’s awhile.  I didn’t sleep a bit well last night.  I talked to Mrs Branstetter tonight.  She said Mrs Chinn was coming home by ambulance tomorrow.


Saturday, February 19, 1966

About 16 this morning and cloudy.  Stayed pretty disagreeable all day with a real chilly wind.  Joe didn’t come.  Gene and Johnny chored and Gene hauled several loads of gravel.  Linda had to go to town at 11 to practice something for USY(?) .  She took Marilyn in for her piano lesson at 1:30.  We scrubbed and waxed the kitchen and utility floors this afternoon.  We all went to 4H meeting tonight.  Full house of parents and members.  Whispers weren’t there Ricky wasn’t and Vernon and Ruth didn’t go.  I think everybody else was there, Roger gave a program on parliamentary procedure.  They square danced afterwards.  Johnny called.  Jessie helped me with my knitting.  Around 11 when we got home.