About | Wallace Family Meats

A 5th-Generation Family Farm

Our journey to establishing Wallace Family Meats began when Frank Wallace purchased a Hereford Heifer named Daisy out of Lynn, MO in 1975. Armed with a desire to produce and provide quality beef, he used the family’s farm land, acquired by his grandfather in 1903 and passed down from previous generations, to launch his beef-producing operation.

Nearly 40 years later, Daisy’s legacy has evolved into a herd of 150 cattle, half Red Angus and half Black Angus, roaming free across 250 acres of grass and woods. Our 5th-generation family operation incorporates our family values into beef production.

Quality is our top priority.


You’ll taste our legacy of breeding and raising cattle with a hormone and antibiotic free diet, the most tender, juicy and flavorful beef products in the Midwest.


We’ve made quality our top priority from the very beginning. Our cattle are corn-fed and finished, and we ensure each cow and calf receives the necessary care in all stages of life to maintain a healthy herd.