The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Cont. | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Cont.

By swazie66

  Thursday, February 10, 1966

About 45 this morning.  Foggy, muddy but some of the water has settled down.  Joe came this morning.  Damp all day but didn’t rain until after supper it rained a little.  The men chored this morning and by the they got back a pipe line man was here.  They are going to put in another line to Hannibal so will go this side of the other one between here and the road.  Also an oil man was here before noon.  I fixed baked corn, strawberry salad and pimento cheese sandwiches to take to Roudn Grove for lunch.  Gene came over and ate.  There weren’t many there.  Carl Moore Sr., Mulherins, Burnetts, Kerrs, Elizabeth, Donley and Shirley, Pearl came while we were eating and Mrs Morris came later.  We had a nice meeting and a nice meal.  We got there early  and I went to town and picked the kids up.  Gene went thru town and got a little table at the house in town and stopped to see Jerry Douglas.  He told him he didn’t think he would be o the C.E. Committee .  I took John to Curryville after we got home to get his boots.  Gene, John and Marily worked on the table tonight.  They took off all the paint and varnish and sanded part of it.