The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace

By swazie66

Ernestine Jesse (Myrick) Wallace

Ernestine Jesse Myrick was born on November 14th, 1923 and became the wife of Eugene Parker Wallace on March 28th, 1947.  They had five children, Linda, Bobby, Johnny, Marilyn, and  Frankie.  Ernestine began keeping a daily journal even before starting her life with Eugene, but we will be starting her daily journal entries on Friday, January 28, 1966.  Sharing her daily life is a way to show the love and devotion she had to her family, community and the “farm wife” life. The beginning of what has now led to “Wallace Family Meats”.

Friday, January 28th, 1966

0 here 3 below in Hannibal. Cloudy with some wind. Joe came today. Cold all day. Gene and Joe’s chores then worked on a wagon they broke yesterday while grinding feed. Gene went to town right afternoon, got tied up with Leo, Kenneth, and Johnnie Barber, and didn’t get home until after 3:30. I worked on a brown blouse for me most of the day. Went to the blacktop after Marilyn then on to town for Linda and Johnnie. They were practicing for and we had quite a long wait. Came home, fixed some cookies and went to the Community meeting. It was colder there. We kept our coats on quite a while. D. Morris, J. Moore’s had the program. The exchange student spoke. Mrs. Steiner brought her out and helped her with her talk. She was really interesting. Pretty good crowd tho’ many weren’t there. Got home around 10.




Saturday, January 29, 1966

About 13 below zero this morning, really cold. The furnace hadn’t come on and it was in the 60’s in the house. Clear, windy and really cold all day. Zero was high. Joe didn’t come today. Gene and Johnny worked out all day, thawing frozen water systems etc. We didn’t have any water at the house for a while. Linda went to town at 11 to practice her speech for Sunday. She went back and took Marilyn for her piano lesson afternoon. I worked in the girls’ bedroom most of the day and washed a couple loads. Gene took the car tonight and took a load of kids to Hannibal to skate. Marilyn and I stayed home. There were about 22 that went. They got home around 11. Mom couldn’t get her car started today. Linda had a letter from Grandad and Aunt Jerry.





Sunday, January 30, 1966

About 6 below zero at 7 this morning. Warmed up to about 22 today. The kids went to S.S.(Sunday school) and Gene and I went to church in the pickup. I fixed steak, baked potatoes and jello salad for dinner. The church was the coldest I have ever seen it I think. I had my gloves on all thru church. This was Youth Sunday. The Youth groups had the service. Linda played the piano and gave the first part of the sermon. Janet Malcolm and Keith, Johnny, Lennie, Monty and Duane were ushers. Pretty good crowd for as cold as it was. Today was Newland’s Golden Anniversary open house at the church but we didn’t go. Johnny vomited in the night last night but seemed to feel alright this A.M. Gene went out after dinner to finish up the chores and was out all afternoon. No Youth meetings tonight. Linda worked on her theme paper.




Monday, January 31, 1966

20 this morning and cloudy. Joe didn’t come. Gene found a black heifer dead in the pasture. Warmed up a little past 30 today. Gene chores this morning, and got his papers ready and took them into Mr. Crigler right afternoon to figure the income tax. We had a letter from grandad and Aunt Jerry. I ironed some but wasn’t worth much all day. Met the kids at the blacktop. Clarence called and asked me to give the welcome response at the B&pm Club (business and professional men’s) Thursday night. I didn’t tell him i would. We all stayed home tonight. Bob Myrick called about 10:30. We had gone to bed and had been asleep. He had tried to call mom, so called here. He didn’t want anything in particular. He and Jo Ann were flying to Miami Fla. in March from Sunday to Wednesday. A contest they had won on selling feed.



Tuesday, February 1, 1966

About 20 here this morning. Ground covered with snow and still snowing, drifting some. Snowed until mid-afternoon. Probably a good 4 inches, drifted more in places. I took kids to the bus and the tracks blew shut pretty quick. Joe didn’t come. Gene chored both places. He said the highway was pretty slick. He saw Betty and Donald off the road. Someone had hit them from behind. He worked on the IH tractor this afternoon and went to meet the kids. The bus backed off a bridge at Morris’s and had to have the wrecker pull them out. They didn’t get home until nearly 5. I washed a load or two and we brought the books up to date after supper.




Wednesday, February 2, 1966

About 13 this morning. Mostly cloudy with white frost on trees and bushes. Cleared and was a real bright day. Temperature got up to about 30. Snow melted on the highway and roads pretty good. The lane has quite a lot of now in it. We haven’t been taking the car out till evening. The kids took the truck to the bus, It was about on time. Joe didn’t come. Gene did the chores this morning, went to town to see Mr. Crigler and get some calf feed this afternoon. He brought the kids out. Linda took the car back to Hazel’s to get her hair trimmed at 4:30. She didn’t get home until 6:30 or so. She and Gene went back to choir practice at 8. Jessie Wells called and asked Linda to help with the parent participation program at the March council meeting. I washed and ironed quite a bit today. Talked to Jessie Douglas and Martha S. Someone else had already taken my place for the Circle Bible Study this month.



Thursday, February 3, 1966

About 10 and frost on the trees again. Partly cloudy. Joe finally came today. He said they had been having trouble with the baby’s mouth. We got the car out and I was going to take the kids to school but something happened to the gear shift I guess, it wouldn’t make any contact with the starter. Gene and Joe pulled it to Albert’s right afternoon to have it worked on. They were going to fix several things so they will probably have it for a day or two. The men ground corn this afternoon. It melted a little today but not much. Gene and I went to the ladies night supper of the B&PM Club at the Lutheran Church. It was full and their menu wasn’t very balanced. We had turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, gravy, corn, salads, hot rolls, carrots, celery and olives and Cherry Pie and cobbler. Martha Pease gave the response to the welcome in poem form. Mr. and Mrs. Adams told of their trip to S. America and showed slides. Gene’s Stomach is out of order. He didn’t eat very much. June called from over at moms. Her and Jr were over there getting her mail. She has been to Laddonia all week and been attending loafers week.