The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Cont. | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace Cont.

By swazie66

Tuesday, February 8, 1966

48 this morning.  Most of the snow is gone.  high around 60 today.  Cloudy most of the day.  Rained a pretty good shower about noon.  Gene got pretty damp.  Joe came. They chored and worked on a cattle feeder.  Donald told Gene they wee going to move to Maburn Coose’s place where Len McDonald lived, but he didn’t think it would be ready by March 1st.  I worked in our bedroom awhile this morning and worked on the black dress this afternoon, but I’m still having trouble with the sleeves.  Linda took the car and met Roger at Basinger corner.  She left the car in Laddonia.  They went to Mexico to a training meeting for county chairmen .  She got back to Vandalia shortly after school was out.  The kids went to the ball game tonight.  Gene and I (relaxed or rebaked) a can of frozen strawberries and one of apricots.  Vandalia beat Troy in both games.