The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace cont. | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals of Ernestine J Wallace cont.

By swazie66

 Wednesday, February 9, 1966

About 56 this morning and raining. Wind really blew in the night last night.  Rained a slow steady rain most of the day.  Quit a bit of water around.  Joe didn’t come today.  Gene chores which took till almost noon.  I went after the mail and was going to bring the car back when it stopped right in the middle of the road,  Gene had to get it started.  The choke had stuck.  I worked around the house awhile but wear out so easily.  I washed my hair this afternoon and met the kids at the blacktop.  Pretty foggy at that time.  We had early lunch and Gene went to Montgomery City to see Mrs Werges.  He didn’t get home till after 5.  Mom came from Helen’s this A.M. and went back to Laddonia this evening.  Gene and Linda went to choir practice.  I talked to Jerry Douglas this A.M.  He said they wondered if Gene would serve on the C.E. committee .  He also said neither Mr. Hayden nor Mr Saladin wanted the managers job at the swimming pool but Lenny thought he might be interested.