The Journals continued-week of Feb. 4th-10th | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals continued-week of Feb. 4th-10th

By swazie66

Friday, February 4, 1966

About 4 above this morning.  Pretty clear.  Fair all day, but cold.  Joe came today.  Gene didn’t feel very good but he kept going all day,  They got the waterer at the silos thawed afternoon.  Joe left about 2:30.  He wanted to take the baby to the Dr.  Gene and i went to town.  They didn’t have the car done when we went in.  We left some cream at Douglas’s.  Gene went to the bank and got a hair cut.  I went out after the kids and Johnny got a hair cut.  The girls and i tried to get Marilyn a pair of shoes but she didn’t find any she liked.  We went out to IGA and they had the car done when we came back. Linda and John brought it home.  Mrs. Marshall Hagar passed away.






Saturday, February 5, 1966

About 16 this morning and cloudy.  Warmed up a lot today and was real nice outside.  Cleared up.  Gene had an awful headache when he got up but it had worn off by noon.  He said he had it all night.  They chored this morning and ground corn at Grandad’s this afternoon.  I worked in our bedroom this morning, sorting jewelry etc.  Linda sewed on her brown blouse and took Marilyn in for her piano lesson this afternoon.  We washed several loads , John went rabbit hunting with Alan Robertson and ate dinner at McWhirts.  They hunted all afternoon over here.  Helen, Lisa and Craig came out about 4 and stayed an hour or so.  We all went to Bowling Green about 6 and got Marilyn a pair of loafers.  Went by Bennetts.  She had found a cup to match the blue saucer.  We ate at the steak house before we came home.  Several from Vandalia were there.  Mom came from Laddonia today.  She said Ethel Aubuchan was getting married Feb. 14.