The Journals Cont. | Wallace Family Meats

The Journals Cont.

By swazie66

Sunday, February 6, 1966

38 * this morning , Partly cloudy.  Mostly cloudy all day.  Warmed up to about 50.  A lot of the snow melted today. The kids and i went to Sunday School.  Gene came to church.  It was as hot in church today as it was cold last Sunday.  Everything was running late in church.  They were late getting Communion ready, had installation device, Communion, choir sang, besides the sermon and it was after 12 when we got out.  Jerry didn’t shake hands at the door.  I fixed meat loaf and jello salad for dinner, also cooked some lima beans. Gene was eating better today, Johnny went over to Moore’s to play pool with Larry.  The rest of us went to Laddonia but Aunt Ruth wasn’t home.  We went on to Nolans.  They hadn’t eaten dinner.  We went by Menifee’s to get the chair but they weren’t home .  Linda and Johnny went to the youth meeting tonight. John was the only on in his group so he went with the Senior High group.  We took inventory of the blue and white dishes tonight.  Several were chipped and several pieces were missing.  Mom went back to Laddonia.  The car sure runs much better.




Monday, February 7, 1966

About 40 this morning.  I guess it melted all night.  Its muddy and more of the snow is gone.  Cloudy.  Joe came today.  High 52 in Hannibal.  Mostly cloudy all day with no precipitation.  I felt so tired and ornery this morning.  I played around until noon.  Felt better this afternoon and washed a few loads.  Gene and joe opened up the trench silo and hauled away some of the top that was spoiled.  They also hauled some manure out of the barn.  Joe went home about 2:15 to take the baby to the Dr.  Gene went to town, picked up the income tax forms.. Brought the kids home.  Had a long letter from Grandad and Aunt Jerry.  Gene got some paint and varnish remover and a scraper.  he tried taking the paint off a little table in the basement after supper and got along pretty good.  A conservation man brought some literature on quail and rabbits out for grandad.