Rib Eye Steak | Wallace Family Meats

Rib Eye Steak


2 Steaks Per Pack (10-12 oz Per Steak)

Our all-natural lean and tender dry-aged ribeye come from cattle born and raised on 250 acres of grass and woods in Central Missouri. Our cattle enjoy a wholesome diet of feed, grown right here on our 1,300 acre row-crop operation. This ensures our feed is completely free of hormones and antibiotics resulting in ideal marbling for tender, juicy, flavorful beef. USDA certified.
  • All Natural
  • USDA Certified
  • Dry-Aged
  • 10-12 oz Per Steak
  • Pack of two
Rib Eye Steak:
Price Comparison Chart
Producer Name Unit Size Price Per Unit
Wallace Family Meats 10-12 oz. $14.99
Debragga 12 oz. $21.25
U.S. Wellness Meats 15 oz. $23.65
Rastelli Market Fresh 10 oz. $25.00
Fresh Direct 15 oz. $23.74
Farm Foods Market 13-16 oz. $16.37

(Prices as Listed on 9/17/18)